How often do you check tire Pressure on long trips?


Sep 21, 2021
I check/fill before every trip (It's the last thing I do before pulling out of the drive). Whenever I stop, I feel the hubs. If they're hot, I check the pressure. Low pressure causes the hubs to heat up. After I reach my campsite, I check/fill before leaving the campground. If I don't have a way to air up the camper, I'd stop at the 1st gas station I can find. Since I have a 10llb. Co2 tank I carry with me, I ALWAYS have air. My Co2 tank is a leftover from my jeep. With my 1st popup, it had 10" tires, and during the day, I never drove above 70 during the day (tires heated up too quick). My cousin made the mistake of ignoring that, and blew both tires in less than 250 miles.


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Jul 6, 2014
I have a TIREMINDER system. 2 transmitters on the trailer tires and 2 on the rear tires of my truck. I absolutely that system

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