How Southern Are You?

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    The life expectancy problem in the South is cause by obesity. Everything is breaded and fried. wheat is a sugar. You will also notice in the counties with real high obesity rates, Covid is rampant. Obesity is a major driver of Type 2 diabetics, High blood pressure, Cancer and other metabolic diseases. Most covid fatalities have 2.8 comorbidities. Obesity is a "recent" problem that the entire nation is suffering from starting 1978. It is more concentrated in the south now but it is spreading rapidly.

    By the way, I'm 6' and weighted 143 pounds this morning. There is one answer for most questions in this country, Its your damn diet, what you are eating. Eat like you great great grandparents and live longer. I lost 85 pounds and have kept it off for over 5 years. Its easy.

    Sorry, this is a very sore point with me. All these problems are so preventable.
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    Mar 4, 2020
    Econ, such stereotypes! My late husband was not obese. Not everything as you say is breaded and fried. He had a very good diet with a lot of greens, save the strange pot liquor. He didn't have type 2 diabetes. He didn't smoke, and he had a brandy once a month with some university colleagues...other than that, no alcohol. He played baseball with the graduate students at the university...shortstop and before that had a sports scholarship in track and field. He belonged to a gym before it was cool. He was your height and weighed more than you do because he was muscular.

    You say, "All these problems are so preventable." Tell me then since you say ALL these problems are preventable: How could my late husband have prevented his early death and contribution to the southern statistics?

    When you say EVERYTHING, ALL and ONE ANSWER, you are making hasty generalization logical fallacies. Doing what you do might make you FEEL better about yourself, and that's great. But making it a sore spot isn't.

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