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Discussion in 'Rallies Being Planned' started by PopUpSteve, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Before you can have your rally listed, you must have the following:

    • A Location & Date
      Select a campground and a date for your rally. This can be done by announcing on the “Planning A Rally” board your general plans to hold a rally in an area and time of year such as “Spring Indiana Rally”. You can suggest a list of locations and dates. Other members who are interested will help you narrow down the list to one particular campground and date. The second method is to pick a campground and date ahead of time and if other members find that location and date will fit their schedule, then you're set.

      You can also do a combination of the two methods or adjust your proposed date to better suit the schedule of others. However you determine the location and date, remember that you can not please all the people all the time. If nine members say a date is perfect and one says they can't make that weekend, don't try to reschedule for the one member.

    • Members
      Well, it wouldn't be a rally without other members attending. To officially become a rally, you must have a total of five members committed to attending. The commitment should be in the form of reservations at the campground. Everyone wants to think that they can make a rally and will say that they will attend. But unless they make a reservation, you may end up hosting a rally of one.

      Once a list of attending members is posted, other members will most likely join in once they see the popularity of the rally.

    When these two requirements are met, your rally will be added to the official PUP Rally schedule in the forum and added to the calendar of events.

    The exceptions to these rules are annual rallies. These are rallies which have been drawing members for the last few years such as the annual Spring Opener Rallies in Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.
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