How to Install Hanging Wardrobe

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    I've searched the forums and cannot find what I'm looking for. If I missed something, I apologize but nothing gave enough detail.

    I have a 2018 Flagstaff 205 PUP (early model) and the DW wanted more storage. I bit the bullet and bought the hanging wardrobe for over the fridge. I measured, looked, felt, banged, and even used a stud finder to see where the braces were for the roof (maybe none?) but couldn't find them. So I took a chance, put a a 1/8" drill bit in and first try went straight through the roof. Tiny hole so I sealed/caulked both sides and said that was enough.

    I reached out to Rockwood to see if they had schematics for the room but all they emailed were the ones for the sidewalls. When I asked about the roof, they said their engineers didn't have any. So that was 6 months ago and we are planning our next trip out and DW was pushing the wardrobe again.

    I searched the forums but there doesn't seem to be any real direction in regards to mounting. The clips that the manufacturer uses are plastic loops with rivets. I did see that many people have stated not to use rivets as they'll pull out and only reason manufacturers use them because they're quick and easy. Some said to use self tapping screws. Others said to use anchors but to keep under 1/2". So much advise but no replies of what worked and didn't.

    Does anyone have any experience mounting things like this to the roof? And if so, what was your solution? The wardrobe will only be used for chips, dips, boxed food, etc... So it'll be mostly light. I don't see us exceeding more than 10lbs total in the bins, so that would be 2.5lbs per hook, or just a little over 1lb per screw. The fear I have is if one goes, more weight is transferred to the others causing a chain reaction. Gives me the visual of shirt buttons going flying after a big thanksgiving meal.

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. I have no idea how the roof is constructed but I assume there are a few braces/studs, just no idea how to tap into them or even find them (I've tried the magnet trick to no avail).

    Thanks in advance and sorry if I'm re-posting anything.
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    I don't know about the Rockwood but at least on my camper the only support in the roof is the AC support everything else is essentially a foam sandwich. My camper came with a closet hanger but that was pulling out of the foam as there really isn't anything to hold it in. So what I did was use a shower rod on both bunkends and put a sweater organizer on it. I use that as my pantry and other miscellaneous items. I know not quite the answer you are looking for but at least something you can do in the meantime.

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