how to track a leak?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Repairs & Maintenance' started by TDS-MN, Apr 4, 2017.

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    Hey All,

    I could use some guidance from someone who has maybe been there before. I have noticed that I take on some water during fairly heavy rains. If I were to be guessing, I would say that I think it comes in by running down one of the roof supports, as it seems to show up first on the floor under the dinette table.
    Not really any evidence of leak thru the canvas, or on the wall paneling, nor do I ever see moisture on the table top, so I don't think it's thru the rooftop vent either.

    My Jayco has canvas 'wraps' on one side, that enclose the lift post. They seem to have disappeared somewhere along the way on the other side, so I made a new pair for the lift posts on street side, and sprayed them with water repellant as well. First noticed the leak without these in place. But have encountered it even with these installed.

    Any suggestion as to how to verify where water might be coming in? If anyone has done this before, how did you apply the water to 'target' a specific area?
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    I had an old 90's Jayco. The lifter arm coverings were only cosmetic on my unit. My leaks came in from the seam from the sideboard and roof meet. Soaked throw and ran down. I also had leaking from the middle seam . I also discovered the vent on my unit leaked some too. Obviously things might be slightly different on a newer unit, but keep up with all the caulking, if you have an AC see if your gasket needs replacing, and finally perhaps something as simple as rewaterproofing the canvas and canvas seams.
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    I guess I would start with an assistant using a garden hose to simulate rain (if mother nature isn't supplying it non-stop like here) and see where it is coming in.

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