I have a 1978 Rockwood Pop Up Camper Need Towing Weight.

Discussion in 'Camper Manufacturers & Manuals' started by shawnba, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Sep 5, 2013
    Hello Everyone,

    I have an 78' Rockwood Popup Camper and I need to find the towing weight. For whatever reason, the information in the trailer has long since deteriorated and I cannot find out any info. I am asking all of you, to help me out as Google has let me down. The box itself is only about 10 feet so it cannot be too heavy!

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

    THank You

    Shawn [PU]
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    Aug 2, 2011
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    Even if you don't know the model, you should be able to find it using the lengths/widths for the '79 Rockwoods. I'd imagine they'd be pretty close if not identical to your '78.

    Check here: http://www.nadaguides.com/RVs/1979/Rockwood

    If you can tow it, you'll find CAT Scales at just about every truckstop you'll ever come across. Drive up, follow instructions, cross the scale slowly and stop gently (so the scale doesn't rock). Then go into the fuel bar desk, pay and get your scale ticket. It'll only cost you a couple of bucks.

    Check your interior cabinet doors. You might get lucky and find a spec sheet glued to the back side of one.

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