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Sep 29, 2009
Southwest PA
shelmily said:
I hope I mad the right decision.

You did. My decision mainly came down to the local dealer on Roo's being a scheister. I was sort of close to one with RockyRoo's guy out near Toledo but they didn't really do trades. I will not order a camper, that always seems like a disaster in the end, I have to see it sitting there before making a decision. Too many inconsistencies in fit/finish from one to the next. At the time I could do that with the Keystone and not the Roo unless I traveled a lot further. You had your bugs worked out by the first owner. You could have been a member of the Passport HTT club with StormTrooper, KMH, Yak and I. That would have had its benefits even if we do not know what they are [:D]......... I had talked to someone before at Lerch RV back in the fall of 2012, they seemed like a great dealer.

I like the manual awning and lack a of power jack on your Roo, that is the way I would have wanted also. You do not see many like that. Not so much against power jacks but if it came from the factory it's going to eventually break. If you want one of those get a Bulldog. Power awnings? no way. Change your signature [LOL]


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Aug 29, 2009
shelmily said:
I had high winds on the way home, and it is a lot different than a towing pup.
I feel your pain on this one. High winds are nerve racking when I tow our Surveyor SP234T which is a similar floor plan to your ROO even with a WDH/anti sway hitch. It's so much different than towing our pup was.
I see in your 2nd pic that you have a WDH. We have the Equalizer hitch and I had to make adjustments since the original set up was done when the camper and truck were not loaded with gear, water, etc. Adjustments really helped overall after we were fully loaded up but high winds are still no fun. I just slow down and take my time when facing windy conditions.
I agree with Geezer about the Bulldog tongue jack. It may just be the first thing you'll want to get after you manually crank that thing a few times when hitching up and unhitching. We bought an HTT, in part, to get away from cranking up and down. An electric tongue jack became a top priority after the first few trips.


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Apr 4, 2011
SU-WEEEEEET!!! Maybe we'll get to meet the Mrs. at the Sewer this year, eh? [A]

Great choice. Your girl are going to LOVE the new romper room! [;)]



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Jun 7, 2012
Northeast Pennsylvania
I would eventually like to get a power jack, but it's really not that bad to crank (I'm sure my thoughts on that will change). I will have to look into the Bulldog. The awning is so nice compared to the pup. I have heard a lot of horror stories about power awnings too.

Old_geezer, my signature is now up to date, thanks for reminding me.

I know I like to check out what other rigs look like too, so tours will be available on request. [LOL]

The wife actually said she would go sometimes in this one. We will see how that works out. The girls have already laid claim to certain bunks, seats at the dinette, and of course the TV. Little do they know, the TV only gets used on crappy days. I really didn't want that option, but it came with it.

Clive, I could say the same thing. I have seen some unique stuff from your side of the pond that we don't have over here either. That is one of the great things about the portal, when people share.

Now if the weather would start cooperating, I want to get working on this thing and get familiar with it before my first trip.


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Apr 5, 2013
T-Bird and I just got approved for the very same one..... But we decided to not pull the trigger, we didn't like going back in debt for $$$ per month for 6 more years, so they refinanced our pup at a lower interest rate and now have money to go camping [8D]


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Apr 28, 2011
Congrats thats what i wanted but the boss put her foot down and i ended up going to the dark side. Now to talk her into a ram 3500 megacab diesel! [:D]


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Jun 7, 2012
Northeast Pennsylvania
Thanks again everyone. So far, we are extremely happy with it. Just trying to make it our own now. That will include a host of cast iron by the way. [LOL]

Iceman, It was the opposite for me. The wife wanted a TT and I put my foot down. I wanted some canvas. The truck definitely sounds good though.

Darn, I know the feeling. A loan was the last thing I wanted on a camper. We were lucky to get a great deal, and had money to put towards it. So it worked out for us. Good luck with yours.


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Feb 27, 2014
shelmily, i am vagov,s brother in law, i will be attending the cast iron gathering in lancaster with him as a guest in the fall. i too am debating about getting a roo, maybe you can give me the grand tour?