I need a new awning for my Starcraft 2108.

Jun 1, 2015
My awning failed last year and I need a new one. I know nothing of the different types of awnings. Forgive my lack of knowledge on terminology. Mine was installed with a bracket that has a slot that the awning slid into. I would like to reuse the existing bracket and simply slide in a new awning. I realize I will have to install new brackets that hold the supports that come out of the awning. What are peoples thoughts on the brand that is the most durable yet easy to set up. Thank You.


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Jul 31, 2004
Van, Pennsylvania
I have been a member of this forum for 14 years and I have read sooooooo many scenarios of awning failure. Probably the most common one was bag failures on Carefree of Colorado awnings. Ironically, I am dealing with that exact situation right now myself. UV rays have deteriorated the bag to such a degree that it is falling apart and the zipper is impossible to zip / unzip. Over the years, I have read of people on here taking their awning to a shop and having a new bag made. I considered that option, but I am also dealing with some slightly bent aluminum extrusions from a wind storm we had to ride out a few years back. I am going to replace mine with another Carefree of Colorado Campout awning simply because I don't want to change out hardware on my camper body for another brand. HOWEVER, if that were not the case, I'd probably go for a Dometic awning. I've looked at 'em and the material used, especially on the bag, is way better than a COC. That's just my two cents.


Aug 12, 2017
I ran into the situation last year and decided to not buy a new awning and use an Ez-up style cabana instead. The EzUp is a lot cheaper $65 vs $300. I did have 1 break, but I kept it for spare parts. Now I have plenty of spare parts! Another advantage of the EzUp is that I can throw it in the back of the Prius when I Prius camp. Camper awnings are nice, but the expense of repair or replacement if they get damaged in the wind or just plain wear out is too high.

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Dec 6, 2015
My awning exploded in a high wind gust a few years ago; whole bag and awning seams shredded to pieces. Ordered a Dometic but I did not reattach the awning bag with the sheetmetal screws at each end. I slide the bag off after use and lay it on the bunks for the ride home, wash the pollen off and let it dry, roll it back up and put it in the camper. On setup I raise the roof two feet, slide the bag out and slip it back in to the channel, unzip the bag and the DW catches the unrolling awning as I raise the roof. Have been hit by strong winds repeatedly and it's stayed in place.