I never thought this would happen..... DARK SIDE!!!


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Nov 14, 2008
This will be one of my last few posts here for awhile!! I ended up selling the Fleetwood Utah and bought a 2010 Wildwood triple bunk/super slide - TT. There is a whole bunch of great info. on this site and even greater people. I sure appreciated everyone's comments and help. We have another girl due in May, so Mama wanted a camper upgrade. Well, I guess I did too. Anyways, sold the Utah the other day for $4500.00 bucks and put it down on new unit. I plan on buying a $1000.00 pop up in the near future for hunting trips, so I'll probably be on here again. Definitely not taking PUP.com off of favorites yet. Thanks everyone!

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Nov 18, 2008
Washington, PA
Congrats to you. If we could afford it and had a TV that could tow it, we would go for a hybrid. Maybe in the future it may happen. But, for now the pup serves our purposes.


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Jul 8, 2008
East Central Illinois
No reason to stop posting because you went to the Dark Side. There are several of us, for one reason or another, who have went to TT's.

The bottom line is that it does not matter what you camp in, it is that you camp.


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Nov 14, 2008
Thanks guys. This is such a great site. Can't wait until Tuesday to pick this TT up. Going to do some "camp driveway" this week! Ha!

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Jul 25, 2007
I started with a popup, bought a hybrid, but I still come here for the info, and great sugestions. This place is the best out there for the great stuff you have here.


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Mar 21, 2009
We too switched to a TT last summer but I have never left the PUC "family" on this site. I still hang out here every night to see what's up. There is a TT site but, let me tell ya, the folks aren't nearly as nice and helpful as the ones on PUC. Don't leave - you will still get lots of good ideas and help here.


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Aug 24, 2008
Hillsboro, Oregon
I think that you made a wise decision considering Mama's feelings and that you've got another little girl coming. My next trailer will be a Trailmanor.
IMO, the "Dark Side" is a bit too harsh a term to use.
The others are right - camping is camping. It is fun!


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Aug 4, 2008
We have had just about every kind of camper. We found this site when our pup's lift cable broke and have made the best of friends here. So enjoy camping in our groups. Hubby has stage 4 cancer and the pup was just too much for me. We sold it to our kids and yep...the dark side we went. And let me say...we all went camping with the pup, out TT and other daughters 40 motorhome. We all so enjoyed being out with 7 grands and hubby o2 machine was handy for his naps and chemo works so much easier....I love this site and will still have my bumper sticker on TT for Portal!!!


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Sep 3, 2008
bristol ct usa
We too about 2 years ago went to what you would call the gray side and bought a hybrid. We love the convience the hybrid brings but still haveing the openness of a pup. We will always come here for info and great stories. Congrats on the new tt and the upcomeing birth of the baby.


Mar 21, 2010
That side is not so dark. You can still help pop-up owners back into tight camping spots, [PUC][TV] get level, then drink all of their beer! [;)] [;)] [CB] [CB] [CB]


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Nov 14, 2008
The TT has been working out great. My wife went into labor in the new camper. Not even 2 weeks later, we are back out in the TT camping again. Hope you all are having a great Memorial Weekend!


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Jan 15, 2006
Alberta, Canada
Congrats on the new baby! We too went to the darkside this year and I don't regret it for a second! I still frequent this site and will continue, still learn so much here. It is still camping and that is what matters most! Enjoy the new addition(s) to your family! [:D]


Jul 16, 2008
rural Ontario
I'm all twitchy on the inside(ok and a little on the outside) with excitement!! I am hoping to go to the dark side this week!!!!!! I am going to look at a TT that looks great for us! I love my little pup, will miss it as I put a lot of time and care into it but TT will be better for us though. I will have to re-learn towing and maybe someday backing up too! [:D]
I have all my fingers and toes crossed that its as good as the pictures make it seem! I will still be here from time to time as I have learned a lot and figure that some of the information is transferable.

Congrats on the new baby!! Enjoy your new baby and your TT :)


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Jul 22, 2007
Congrats on the Baby!

There's no reason to stop coming to the portal you're always welcome as your input will always be appreciated.


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Mar 16, 2008
Ontario, Canada
I know the guilty feeling. If I had a TV that could tow it, I'd buy an Airstream in a second...of course then I'd have to mortgage my house to pay for both.


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Feb 25, 2008
fishguy1313 said:
We have another girl due in May, so Mama wanted a camper upgrade. Well, I

Mama wanted a "different" camper, not an "upgrade" [;)]

Each style of camper has its own qualities that are unique.