Ideas for a bike rack on Jayco???

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    I am looking for ideas for a bike rack on a 2007 Jayco. Is it possible to purchase the bike rack that attaches to your trailer hitch and also have someone weld a hitch on the very back of the Jayco.

    I drive a Pontiac Minivan, and it's going to be me and my 4 year old twins. I want to be able to transport the bikes using both the minivan and pop up camper. I am thinking about purchasing the bike rack hitch that will fit into my trailer hitch and have one welded on the back end of the camper. Is this possible.

    Thanks in advance,

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    you may want to do a search on bike racks, I've read on some threads on this site that mounting them to the bumper of the pup is not a good idea, some have actually bent the frame of their pup by doing this.
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    A hitch rack on the back of a pop up can be done, but it presents challenges.

    Putting a hitch on back of pop up requires some additional work to secure it to the pop up frame. The bumper is not strong enough by itself. The plate, hardware and hitch itself will add weight to your trailer rear. The rack will add weight. And then the bikes. Three bikes at 20-30 pounds each plus every thing else will add close to 100 pounds to the back. The 1007 is probably around 2,000 pounds loaded so the bike rack is a significant percentage of your total weight. That will effect your tongue weight. You will need to figure out how to move enough weight forward in the pop up to counterbalance the bikes. Towing with tongue weight under 10% of the total camper weight is dangerous. It can lead to sway.

    The second issue is that many hitch mount racks have some play or wobble in them. You don't want that on the back of a pop up. It can create real sway hazards. The bikes must be secure and the hitch immobilized as much as possible.

    In my opinion, if you can't fit the bikes in or on the tow vehicle, the next best solution is the top of the pop up or the racks that attach to the trailer tongue with the rear wheels of the bikes resting on the roof.

    If price is the issue for a car top rack, check out Ebay. I have found great values on top notch roof racks by Yakima. Brand new in the box for big discounts.

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    Hi There

    I have to agree with the others and say it is not a good Idea to mount a bike rack on the rear of your rig.

    First off... The Jacyo frame will not support it with out some major frame reinforcement. Rear mount bike racks put a un-godly amount of twisting load on the frame. Most folks that do this with out beefing up the frame end up with the bikes on the road somewhere and a broken frame.

    Second, if you do something like this that I did on mine. You will unload too much tongue weight and end up with a sever handling problem. The only way to compensate is to add the 100 lbs that the rack unloads back to the tongue. I get away with because of the design of the E3 and the unloading is minimal.

    If it were me, on your rig I'd go with one of the tongue/roof mount units. They work GREAT and support 4 bikes easily.

    Just my <img src=../Images/icons/icon_smile_twocents.gif border=0 align=middle alt="My 2 Cents"> worth. Your mileage will vary....

    Ray Cooper - Tigard OR
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