IL - Chain o' Lakes SP in Spring Grove

Discussion in 'Illinois' started by sleazy rider, Apr 6, 2019.

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    This review is from a couple years ago and I was tent camping at the time. Very nice park, well isolated sites up in the Prairie View loop. I was motorcycle camping at the time, but I'm looking to go back with the PUP later this summer to visit friends in the area for a long weekend. I'll update the review then for us living la vida pop up residents. [:D]

    We did lunch at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Fox Lake and were treated to a run by of an old steam locomotive with passenger cars and a caboose! Everyone went out to see it when the very loud whistle blew.

    Headed out early one morning for breakfast...
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    Nice looking bike, and sound like you had a great adventure, and are looking forward to the upcoming trip. This time with all the goodies the PUP has to offer. Good luck on the upcoming trip and happy camping

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