I'm Thinking Positive


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Mar 19, 2013
Jacksonville, FL
After spending almost everyday of January in the hospital due to kidney tumor issues...benign actually, so when I found out the good news I booked 3 holiday trips plus if we don't go out of town over Spring Break I'm planning on another trip. Tourism here in FL keeps us from having a state income tax and brings in lots of money for programs that the government would find in our bank accounts otherwise but that means us locals have issues finding camping spots close to home. We do have City parks that you as visitors haven't found yet but they also get old when that's all you have to use.

I have to have the stint pulled out this Monday and I'm still dealing with a bit of Uremia but there is no way I'm not going camping this year. One of the 3 I've booked is "Tent Only" but that's okay I don't mind a bit and neither do the DD's or my DW, they also want to get away. Last year we only did ONE TRIP and so the stress is building up and we're looking forward to each of these trips plus many more. Wish us luck on a much better year.