Improvements to the tunes in the TV!

Discussion in 'Campsite Electronics' started by Twisty, May 3, 2013.

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    I read quite a bit about upgrading the stereo in the truck b4 I invested in this setup.
    I still have the factory head unit so I get to control the phone, radio, CD, etc. from the wheel.
    I installed 4 Infinity Reference 6 x 8's in the doors.
    I bought 2 Pioneer shallow mount enclosed subs, a RF (Rockford Fosgate) P400 4 channel amp, a RF P500 stereo amp and a RF 3Sixty.3 integration processor.
    Stereo King in Aloha, OR did the install.
    I was really missing the system that I had in the Ranger. This sounds and feels even better!
    A couple people told me not to buy a processor and check out how it sounds w/o it. They were happy w/o it. The tech at the shop explained to me that the factory sound "rolls off'" at high volume to protect the garbage stock speakers. The RF processor has 248 bands of equalization and maintains a flat output throughout the entire power output. A laptop is used to select the vehicle type, cabin style, etc.
    It does a lot of things that I won't go into now.

    I am so so happy to get this done!
    I've been rollin' Sammy Hagar "Three Lock Box" and Pink Floyd "Animals" around town!
    ...and watching for pigs on the wing...


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    Sounds good. And I bet that's true literally as well as the description.

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