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    We went to Hardy Lake SRA over the weekend, for Halloween. It's a lake that's popular for fishing with a LARGE no wake zone.

    There are a very small number of primitive camp sites, around 15, in a distinct area from the electric sites. The primitive sites are next to a boat dock with two right on the waters edge. The electric sites remind me of a big field that's been turned in to a parking lot, with a few scattered trees and two loops on the edges with significantly more trees. Many sites in both campgrounds have some leveling challenges, with the "edge" sites (with more trees) tending to have more challenges. Both campgrounds tended to be loud, with things settling in around the quiet hours at 11pm. The electric campground was like a large family reunion, with chaos & noise & bikes everywhere. Most of the sites on both sides were right on top of each other, compared to what I am used to.

    I'm pretty sure every primitive site is downwind from the pit toilet provided. The electric sites also have shower houses, with some nice 1950's men's & women's signage. But all of the facilities are getting a bit dated on the inside, although they are clean.

    I've never seen more trick-or-treaters in my life. 10/10, would do again.

    I've moved to a popup from backpacking & tent camping, so the big RV parking lot/family reunion style is foreign to me, but interesting.If I came back to Hardy Lake I would grab the two primitive sites on the lake. They were magnificent sites, even though they were next to a boat dock.

    (also, we stopped by Clifty Falls. The park is GREAT. The campground would be even a bit less wooded than Hardy ake, especially the primitive side.)

    Hardy Primitive: (Check out those lake sites!)

    Hardy Electric

    Clifty Falls:

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