In need of a bedding solution..

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    Have you found your mattress solution? Since the post is "fairly" recent I thought I would add my 0.02. I recently bought 5" queen and king LUCID brand memory foam mattresses for our HW from Amazon. They are SO MUCH better than the prior 4" mattresses. I just used an electric fishing knife to cut the memory foam down about 3" on one side to make it fit our bunk ends. It was one of the best things I've done for our camper!
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    I would say most trailer mattresses before 2010 or so were pretty disappointing. Medium firm 4" foam. I'd say max capacity was about 150 pounds. Bottoming out was common. The best solution is to replace it with a hybrid foam mattress. 1" rigid foam, 1.5" firm, 1.5" medium.
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    I have the same camper. I went and got a memory foam mattress from Walmart and used an electric Bread knife and cut it to fit. Works like a charm
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    Sorry I hadn't replied earlier..

    So, I mentioned above about really liking the gel infused memory foam on my bed in the house, only drawback is it can get stiff or hard in colder weather. But after a few minutes with body heat you tend to sink inside it..

    Anyway, the Mrs had removed the sheets for washing the other day, and the pup decided he needed to chew on the corner tearing pieces off. So that's settled, i'll be trimming that one to fit in the camper. I'll do so as soon as we have a few days without rain forecast, get a couple things done.

    Thinking about heading to West Virginia when things open up if sooner than later. Hoping to salvage a western trip later this season.
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