In need of help!!!


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Sep 15, 2020
Hello everyone! I bought a 1998 Palomino Pinto last year, knowing it was going to need work... But I'm found more rot than I thought. After failed attempt after attempt, I'm realizing what I thought I could do, maybe I can't. For someone with the knowledge, correct tools and time to dedicate to it, it probably IS easy.. but that's not me. My current issue is: The wood under the The front and back roof section was all rotten as are the latches (more detail to anyone interested). I'm looking for someone local - Eastern MA or Southern NH that's looking for a project. Anyone out there that can help or recommend someone? Thank you!!!


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Sep 16, 2006
Hello and welcome to the portal! DH & I successfully replaced rotted boards in the roof of our old camper with only basic knowledge and basic tools. We took many pictures along the way for reference when reassembling. It was challenging but when we got stuck, we received helpful information from the members here. If there is a particular point of failure maybe someone from here can help you through it. To hire someone to do it for you sounds expensive but perhaps a local social media site could help you find a handy person who would be willing to work with you or offer in-person advice as needed? Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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Sep 6, 2015
I’m in the same boat. I asked the seller about warped ceiling material and he said there were no leaks, it was just showing it’s age. Well I bought the 2008 Fleetwood Bayside camper and popped it up in the driveway. We had a heavy rain a few days later and the ceiling is soaked. I’ve removed the canvas (I was aware that I would need new canvas before I bought it) but I was totally unprepared for roof repairs. I can remove the interior ceiling panels and the rotted wood but I don’t have the skill to replace the wood. I’m at a loss. Everyone on YouTube removes the roof and flips it over to do the repairs. Any suggestions? Where can I go to either buy a new roof or fix this one?