Indiana Dunes State Park

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    Trip Details

    Campground: Indiana Dunes State Park. 1600 N 25 East, Chesterton, IN 46304
    Site: 136 [Back in, 50amp Electric only]
    Dates: August 21st - August 23rd, 2017
    Overview: This campground is located inside Indiana Dunes State Park. The campground is a short drive away from the beach and surround by dune hiking trails all over. Out of state vehicles must pay an additional one time fee of $12 to enter the park. The campsite itself has a pretty level concrete pad to park the trailer on with a larger asphalt pad for 2 cars. We didn’t need to use our BAL leveler on this site. There were two small wood picnic tables and one fire ring at our campsite. We had plenty of tree coverage and the ground around the concrete pad was a mix of sandy grass. There seems to be lots of bugs and at night you can hear all of them along with the frogs and other animals. The noise didn’t bother us because we use a fan at night which masks the outside noise. We were in the electric section of the campground but there wasn’t water or sewer at the campsite. There were multiple amperage options too; 50 amp, 30 amp and two 20 amp outlets. There was a dump station near the front of the campground and a few fresh water fill up spots scattered throughout the campground. Also the campsites seem to have a good amount of space but they aren’t crazy large. There is a camp store at the campground and decent bath houses. The showers were free hot water and were fairly large with a separate spot for the shower and changing area in each stall. The hot water might be hit or miss though, Kyle had a perfectly hot shower but mine was lukewarm to chilly at times. The bath houses were very clean and also had fresh water fountains. I don’t believe they have laundry facilities, we didn’t see any. The campground requires using local wood and they sell wood onsite if needed. Dogs are allowed and must be on a 6’ leash/crated/fenced at all times and also aren’t allowed on the beach. We didn’t need to show any shot records for bringing a dog. Alcohol isn’t allowed anywhere in the park either. Their quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM and check in/check out are by 2:00 PM. The campground also has cabins available for rent as well.
    IMG_8470.JPG IMG_8475.JPG
    Maps and Brochures:
    indiana_dunes_electric_camp.jpg Indiana Dunes Brochure.jpg dunes_trail.jpg
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    thank you for the review we will be there in in early Oct.
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    Pass. :huh:
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    I’ve been camping there for 20 + years and only got busted once. We were in a larger group and may have been a bit giggly.
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    So posted "no alcohol" signs at Dunes means "don't be an @$$hat with your booze". I've camped there 3 times in the last year and have not had any issues. I worked for the state Park system a few years ago, and apparently biker gangs had effectively taken over the campground on weekends. The no alcohol policy allowed the park to remove those causing problems.

    If you're in the area, don't let this policy keep you from staying. The national Lakeshore is a beautiful place to spend some time, and Dunes State Park is a good place to base camp from.
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