Indianapolis Area camping - Labor Day


Jun 11, 2008
Anyone have a great spot to take kids in the Indy region? I want to stay away from Jellystones and Indiana Beach, but I want a place with stuff for kids to do and yet, still enjoy nature with a hike or whatever. This will be only my second time out with my camper. I broke my foot four days after I bought it and had to wait til mid-Aug to get it out. Struggling with figuring out the leveling, but otherwise had great luck with backing - suprised!!
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Jun 8, 2008
Labor day weekend is tough to find open spots for. You may have better luck if you are willing to go primitive. McCormicks Creek Spring Mill and Turkey Run are three of our favorites. The kids tend to have fun anyplace there are other kids. You can call 1.866.622.6746 to check for openings at the state parks in Indiana. Good luck

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Sep 29, 2006
definitely call ahead...I think you might not get into many parks such as Turkey Run althought that is certainly 1 of my favorites.

BTW, welcome to the Portal! I looked at your profile and wanted to say "hi" from another Central Illinoisian!

When I'm in the office, it's in Normal. Often I'm out at clients throughout IL.

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May 4, 2008
Avon Indiana
Welcome for Indiana,
There is a campground near Lafayette In
Wolfes liesure time campground.
They had a few spots open.
Campground has a lot of seasonal people..but they are nice.
Small pool...Game room..Playground...Wabash river runs next to the campground.
My son loves the place.
Always a lot of kids to play with.
Good luck with the State Parks...Almost all 100% full.

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Aug 7, 2008
I know some people that used to camp at Lieber state park and really liked it. The resv site said there was 1 elect and several non elect sites available.


Apr 21, 2007
We've spent the last two Memorial Day weekends at Sugar Creek Campground in Crawfordsville. It's close to Turkey Run so you could still go there and hike. Usually for the big holiday weekends at Sugar Creek they have different activities. They have a big outdoor ampitheater that they use for showing movies (kind of like going to the drive-in but take your chairs).


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Aug 19, 2008
Just thought I'd point out that although the state parks do fill up quickly, if you plan in advance you can get good reservations. We knew were wanted to go to Turkey Run back in May, and planned it for July. Granted, we went mid-week, when it's MUCH easier to make a reservation.

That said, the Indiana DNR has a REALLY nice online reservation system compared to surrounding states (my home state of IL has a "mail-in" reservation system - ugh!). So if you plan in advance, and are also willing to go non-weekend, you ought to be able to find good spots in state parks.

Just my $0.02.

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Jun 11, 2008
Thank you for all of the tips. I am more of a spontaneous camper. Not a good idea during a holiday weekend. I ended up only finding one site after a bizzillion calls - Peru Indiana. I just decided to stay away from Indy. It was Honey Bear Hollow Campground. Lots of permanent site campers there and RVs. Not my cup of tea. No trees and too close of neighbors. I didn't feel like I had any relaxing time. The kids had fun - there was a Sunday pancake breakfast and DJ both nights and a pool. DJ was okay, but the site we ended up with was practically right next to the dance area. Too loud and too many lights. Lesson learned. I am also too late to arrange for the Halloween camping for the last weekend of the year. I hope to have another 3 o 4 trips left if I can swing them. Thanks again!! Camp on!!