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    Searched and didn't see this mentioned...

    I use Google Photos. Unfortunately this forum (and some others) don't like the image address Photos uses. I can see the picture on my computer in the forum but not on my iPhone.

    Anyway after some research I learned that Google Photos does not have .jpg as part of the image address. The fix is fairly simple. This is the image address for a picture I wanted to insert:

    Which produces the following when it is inserted an an image:

    The fix is to add "-tmp.jpg" (without the quotes) to the end of the image address (no spaces). So it looks like this:

    Which results in:

    Hope this helps!
  2. mhrir

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    Ok this is odd...

    I just checked on my iPhone and the first photo I inserted without "-tmp.jpg" is visible. When I tried to insert this photo yesterday (same identical image address) it didn't work.

    Well anyway, adding the "-tmp.jpg" still produces an image so if you have an issue this could be a fix.
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    Mar 23, 2016
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    I have been posting GOOGLE IMAGES for years here. Haven't noticed any problems...

    I actually use google to store a bunch of my own photos. It seems most forums you post immediately post things to the Internet... I found a couple of unique words that is in my signature line that are about 99% all my posts... In others words these two words used together in a google search page will almost be all my images...

    try it out... Search google for 'K9PHT RT14' without the quotes... When it loads up then select IMAGES...

    The Amateur Radio call sign is only assigned to me and that included with an added Startcraft 14RT model ID will for the most part only find my posts. Both of these words K9PHT and 14RT are included in my signature line of my posts.

    All of the images already have a HTTP address assigned so all I have to do is LEFT mouse click the image first and then RIGHT mouse click the large image and select 'copy image location' and add that into the forum post form...
    Roy's image from google search

    For special photoshopped photos I will add those to a free IMGUR Photo Account I have here which will assign a HTTP address to my photos I have added directly to it...

    Here is a DRAWING file I have done up from an cad type program describing some of my handywork related to Batteries...
    Roy's image from IMGUR
    I would normally select a higher resolution so one could read it better...

    Been doing this for years here without issues... This is almost like CLICK CLICK haha...

    Roy Ken
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    I do not get any image with either link and only a boxed X where the photo should be. When I click on the links you have posted, they want me to long in to Google Chrome......and that is not ever going to happen.

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