Inside Lights-not turning on


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Jul 4, 2022
Forest River 425D, 2008

We are redoing the roof! The old lights worked. We switched them out for LEDs, they worked as we attached them all. On a final check before closing up the ceiling, they no longer worked.

The kitchen is flipped up and they are all getting power right to the light(checked with a multimeter). However, they will no longer turn on. The only difference is when they worked we got a reading of 13.5 V and now it's 12 even. *Plugged into Shore Power.

Any thoughts? Things to try?

Is it possible that a very hot day in Utah full sun could result in the lights not turning on/temporary malfunction 🤞?


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Feb 6, 2018
We replaced the full fixtures and got them to work yesterday.
At 12 volts they should be lighting. Are you sure they are wired correctly. LED‘s are polarity specific are you sure you didn't accidentally wire them backwards. Your 12volt hot has to be on the hot side of the fixture and the neutral on the neutral.


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Aug 10, 2020
You're voltage doesn't sound good. If you were to measure 12 even on a battery that would put it at about 40% charge which is pretty darn low. Is your converter malfunctioning?