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    I have an older GPS with a port for an external antenna. I love the port because I can put the GPS in my pocket, and have the external antenna attached to the top of my hat (really I do). and the GPS continues to track my progess etc.

    Without this external port the GPS will lose its location when placed in a deep pocket or in a bag.

    Have y'all noticed less new GPSs have an external port for an antenna? I wonder if this is strickly a cost saving exercise.

    I will not buy a new GPS without an external antenna port, but that is just me.

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    Sep 17, 2009
    I hear you. My old, (now deceased), Garmin eMap had an external jack and I used an external antenna with it from time to time.

    I suppose they (the manufacturers) use that as bait to get you to but the higher end models. I can't say that it made a big difference when I was Geocaching but when I used it for navagation in the car it was nice to be able tto have the little screen closer to my bad eyes [;)]

    The sensitivity of the newer models is pretty good but I could definitely see the advantage of adding an external antenna. It can't cost more than a few dollars to add the port so it must be a ploy to get more of our hard earned cash! [2C]

    Anyhey, I have a lot of fun even when I can only get within 25'. Even the most accurate GPS is only as good as the one that placed the cache in the first place.


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