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    DH had a pretty major retinal detachment 13 years ago. The miracle is that he sees as well as he does out of that eye. The major reminder of that surgery is a small blind spot in his periphery. He developed a small tear in the other eye, in October, the week after our last trip to Grand Canyon - good timing since he was in the back country for 3 nights on that trip. That was "tack-welded" and a month later a "blister" detachment popped up. That was also fixed. However, when we went for the follow-up last week, he had developed two more blisters. They have all been on the edge, which is better than mid-field. He will have surgery tomorrow to fix these, the doctor did not want to continue patching the problem, since it seemed it was not stopping.
    This time, he is slated to have to maintain a face-down position for some length of time. We're not sure how long it will be; it may be 1 week, it may be longer. (Because of all the repairs to the first eye, he didn't have to do face-down, though was limited in positions for sitting and sleeping.) Since he bikes to work most days, and also walks during the day, he will not enjoy the enforced rest.

    Last night, I had to take our 9 year-old cat to the emergency vet, after realizing he was not doing well. I had been away for the weekend, and this seemed to develop over just a couple of days. After much discussion with the very nice vet, we made the choice for euthanasia. Very difficult at any time. We had made that same, sad trip with DH's elderly cat a few months ago, but we knew she had chronic issues, then suffered a major stroke. We have a 14 year-old small cat, much attached to both of these cats, so it was a shock to have to make the decision for the younger one.
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    You've certainly had some challenges lately. I'll keep your DH in my prayers for a successful surgery tomorrow, then for a quick recovery. I remember my vet telling me that while illnesses seem to pop up suddenly for pets, they really have been having symptoms for a while, usually. The main difference between us and them? They can't easily tell us how they feel. So, while we can tell a doctor about all our aches, pains, they cannot. My sympathies on losing both your beloved pets.
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    Kit, sending some comfort and strength for your DH and his eye procedure as well as sympathy on the loss of your furbaby. Never easy.....
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    Lots going on...many good thoughts and prayers !!
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    Jun 25, 2012
    Sorry to hear of your struggles. Will be praying for the eyes to recover.

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