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    Most of the campgrounds I have been to here in Alaska DO NOT have hookups. They are usually 100+ miles from anywhere, leaving you in the middle of Alaska's beautiful wilderness. Most state run campgrounds are in the neighborhood of $10/night.
    There is a link to all the state parks at the end of this post.

    These are just a few within 150 miles of Fairbanks - If you have any Questions, feel free to send me a message.

    Chena Marina - Clean, hookups
    Rivers Edge - Clean, Hookups, Laundry, Great restaurant.
    Chena Wayside - State Run, no hookups, but easily accessible
    Pioneer Park - No hookups, cheap, center of attractions. - Alaska SALMON BAKE (Must GO!!!)
    Tanana Valley Fairgrounds - Nice little campground next to the fairgrounds.

    North Pole:
    Chena Lakes - No Hookups - Loads of fun, close to Fairbanks / North Pole
    Santa Clause House - Hookups, Iconic place

    Chena Hot Springs Road:
    Several State run campgrounds along this beautiful 60 mile road to the resort

    Denali Natl. Park:
    Campgrounds, need reservations in advance.
    There are several smaller campgrounds in the surrounding area that are easier to get into and are cheaper, just not "IN" the park.

    Denali Highway - All Dirt Road
    Paxon Lake - Good fishing,
    Tangle Lakes - Best Fishing takes a light boat.
    Summit Lake - Home of ArcticMan and some of the best snowmachiening (Snowmobiling) in the US. You can ride clear into June in some areas. Great Fishing once the lake thaws.

    Delta Junction Area:
    Quartz Lake - Great Fishing, Boat Rental (Cash Only)
    Delta Clear Water - Military Discount

    For a complete List of State Parks in AK that are on the road system, follow the link.
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