Introduction from Western New York


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Jul 28, 2016
Hi Campers...

So excited to find this site and hopefully soon have our first pop in our driveway.
I grew up camping, first in cabins, then my parents got a basic soft side Apache. At the time it was the lightest we could tow with my Dad's Ford Falcon. In a few years , we upgraded to a Nomad hard top.

After I married, a non camper, he introduced me to Hotels! Ha ha. Once the kids started coming, the novelty wore off and I missed being outdoors. So we got a huge Eureka tent. And we continued tent camping up until my daughter & her 9 month old twins started camping with us. So back to the cabin. The park we camp at has black bears and she had concerns -- understandable .

I need to be outdoors, in the woods, away from it all. I love the adventure of finding out where the path leads. Trying to book a cabin and hope the time get approved, is to big of a headache We talked about one day getting a travel trailer and seeing the country. So we ventured out and started looking. Yeah the trailers are great, but at this point in our life, how much are we really gonna use it. Plus we'd have to get a bigger vehicle. So I suggested we look at a small pop up that we can tow with our vehicle and store in our own garage.... at least until we can retire.

So after a month or so of searching, we found our perfect little pop up. Its in great shape and we couldn't say no to the price. Just waiting on the title to come in. Our local dealer had just taken it as a trade in from out of state. So I hope the DMV's move fast.

I can't wait to get it home, loaded and ready to go.

Happy Camping


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Welcome from a native of Genesee County.

Have fun making the pop-up your own and enjoying the outdors. There is a lot to read here ont he Portal.