Irish Spring, it's what's for dinner

Discussion in 'Camper Storage / Winterizing & De-Winterizing' started by J Starsky, Oct 1, 2018.

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    Aug 3, 2017
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    So, I took the cabinet wall off my TT to gain water pump access - looks like dude got stuck in there with only this to eat! I left him some fresh stuff, and something marked TOMCAT in the same color [HB]

    I think my pup has been out there for over 8 years and I've never seen this. Mice like the finer things in life, including the Springdale. May be something in the name?


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    Oct 15, 2006
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    Should work, he does not need to be in there for sure. Hope the idea works. I like traps better, i have had a couple over the years that ate poison and died, the smell was terrible, I use traps and tie a piece of string on the end, through a hole I drilled, the tie that to smething so the trap stays where it should be.

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