(Jardins) De La Republique Provincial Park in Edmundston

Discussion in 'New Brunswick' started by MabelJ, Aug 20, 2016.

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    Aug 11, 2014
    We spent one night in mid August here. This was a refreshing change for us - there were trees on 3 sides of most lots! We had some privacy instead of feeling like you were just sitting on display in a wide open field. We have been missing that from our days of tent camping! Bathrooms were spectacularly clean. We arrived too late and did not get to use the pool. It looked nice though, we did picnic lunch near it before leaving next day. Reasonable pricepoint at $41 tx included ($10fee+$31/night) for electric only lot (water was nearby to fill containers; no hose hookup).

    4/5 - lost points for me due to their reservation change policies. We needed to modify our stay from Saturday to Sunday night. Would have liked this to be a "change" since we were still going to stay one night. It was instead treated as a 2-night stay at $72 ($10+$31+$31) and no refund for canceling the first night though we advised them over 24 hours prior on Friday evening. During high season, on a Saturday, they had no problem selling that same spot to someone else and collecting their money too.

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