Jellystone - Eureka, MO

Discussion in 'Missouri' started by CamperChrissy, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Just got back from 4 nights at Jellystone and thought I'd post for anyone looking for a family/resort place!

    Overall a fun, family-focused campground. This is obviously a private campground that has a lot of amenities for kids.

    -Grounds are clean and well-kept
    -Bathrooms are pretty clean, not spotless, but acceptable
    -nice pool, clean, lots of tables & chairs around, pretty large for a campground pool
    -lots of kids activities - meet Yogi, pool, bingo, scavenger hunt, mini golf & train cost extra
    -lots of cabins and air-conditioned tents to rent, which is good if you are with a group that has non-campers
    -overall size of the campground is just right, not too big, not too small
    -not at all crowded at the W/E loop. Out of 20ish spots, only about 7 were used on the weekend
    -playground is in the W/E loop where we were at! Could send the kids there and watch them from our campsite.
    -staff at the ranger station and general store were very pleasant and helpful. Delivered fire wood immediately.
    -water was clean and drinkable

    -the GIANT hill between the W/E sites and the shower house. My muscles still hurt from walking up it so many times.
    -sites are close, no privacy in-between. The W/E/S loop sites were the tightest. Many sites you may have to park your vehicle sideways across the front.
    -not much shade in the W/E loop. We had site 84 and it seemed to be one of the shadiest. The sites in the middle of the loop had basically no shade. Definitely bring a pop-up canopy or screen tent if you are going in the summer.
    -you can hear a little noise from the nearby highway, but really wasn't bad. You can also occasionally hear a train in the distance, but again not very loud.

    Overall we liked it and would recommend if you are looking for a resort-like campground. Not sure if we would go again just because it is a far drive for us and there are other Jellystones closer to home.
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    Sounds like it might be a decent place to go if you were visiting the St Louis area or 6 flags right there in Eureka.
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    I remember going there as a child. I can't say what it's like now, but in the 70's it was very cool. They showed cartoons at night after the sun set. I don't recall their sites being very private then either and at the time everything was gravel really. I don't recall much greenery. Thanks for reminding me of that place :)
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