Journey towards the dark side completed - Check!


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Jan 18, 2009
Inverness, FL
There's been a few other threads about dark side conversions recently, so I figured I'd add to them. We sold our HTT and picked up a new 2013 Keystone Cougar Xlite 28RBS at the beginning of November.

We love our new TT and while I do miss some aspects of the canvas (listening to nature at night; rain falling on the bunk ends; slightly better gas mileage), there are a lot of others I don't (windy, cold weather blowing straight through the canvas; setting up in the rain; closing up in the rain; opening back up after a rainy trip to dry out; longer setup time). We do a fair amount of cold weather camping, rain seems to follow us, and we can't always get out of town early on Friday due to jobs and school, so a lot of those are more important than it would seem on first glance. Fortunately, we can store our TT at our house, so that made the decision even easier.

We started off with a small 9.5' pup, switched to a 12' high wall, then a HTT before we got our current one.

I don't have any pics of the inside at present, but here's a couple of exterior shots and the floorplan. Hopefully, I can get some of those yummy dark side cookies.




I recently came across something called the "Froli sleep system" which could potentially have solved the mattress comfort issue as well as condensation under the mattress we experienced on our hybrid, but we'd still have the other issues mentioned above. No regrets, just throwing that out there for anyone it may help.


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Jul 19, 2007
Welcome to the jungle ... oh wait that's a different Welcome to the darkside... I was look at one of those same trailers yesterday at the RV show, very nice, has a very useable layout..



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Jun 8, 2008
I do like the layout. We looked at several full size trailers before switching to a High Wall pup. My DW felt claustrophobic in all the TT we looked at due to the lack of 360 degree windows. Enjoy and remember us poor souls setting back up after packing up in the rain [:D].


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Feb 25, 2008
You were already at the dark side before [;)]

Your new dark-side is actually a mobile home disguised as a TT [:D]


Party like it's 2012!
Jan 18, 2009
Inverness, FL
Thanks all!

We've actually already been out twice. Once to Caledonia State Park in PA, and another to Newport News Park in Newport News, VA. Other than having the water freeze up on us at the spigot at Newport News because the temperature dropped a couple more degrees than predicted, both trips were great. We were also talking about going somewhere for the week after Christmas, but it's good we didn't because I was sick as a dog for a couple of those days, plus we needed to use the time to get some stuff done around the house.

We thought long and hard over the layout, taking into account sleeping arrangements, who might be joining us on future trips, what we could tow with the Tundra and something that we could still park at the house. I was originally looking at some 26' campers with two small bunks for the boys, but DW didn't think they'd be comfortable in them as they got bigger. I had created a spreadsheet of all of the various manufacturers and models out there that fit our criteria, and ultimately, it became this model due to the vaulted ceiling, sliding door instead of a curtain or accordion door for the front bedroom, extra door into the bathroom, cabinet configuration, construction, reputation and some other nice to have features.

JungleJim: Our last was a HTT, so we were more "grey" side than dark side. So, I like to think we had a foot in both camps.


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Jan 18, 2009
Inverness, FL
Snow said:
Whats the numbers on thing?
Specs for 28RBS
Shipping Weight6338
Carrying Capacity1862
Length32' 2"
Height11' 4"
Fresh Water43
Waste Water28
Gray Water56
Tire SizeST225/75R15D
According to:

With our Tundra, we're right on the line for tongue weight (around 1000lbs), but have plenty of towing capacity (10300lbs) available assuming the trailer was actually up at the max GVWR of 8200lbs. Not light by any means, but not the heaviest thing out there, either. I've seen some toy hauler behemoths had a GVWR of 18000lbs.


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Jan 23, 2009
Great choice I worked at a keystone dealer for many years and cannot say enough about the customer service with your warranty and that was my job warranty claims. I also went with keystone although it was used the old couple that owned it only used it twice the couch still had plastic on it and water had never even been hooked up.


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Feb 24, 2012
Very nice!!! We went to the 'Dark Side' for the same reasons and have enjoyed move. :)