July 2022 - what did you do for your camper?


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Apr 14, 2022
I guess I'm reintroducing myself. Jan of 2021 I contracted covid from work (I'm a nurse). In hospital 4 months, then in inpatient rehab then outpatient rehab. Coded 3 times. I had to relearn how to eat, drink, walk again, among other needs. Other than my body looking like a roadmap I'm pretty grateful to have gotten thru it. No camping last year other than my sister taking me out in her camper couple times. And I'm back to work, but not at bedside any longer. Purely administrative now. But anyhow I was able to get to my camper last weekend without too much trouble. I greased lift and wheel bearings. While I was doing that I discovered I've been carrying around about 1/4 tank of water from previous owner. Don't know how I missed it previously. Just assumed it was empty. I never used the fresh water tank. So I emptied the tank as best I could, and am going to put the bleach water in today and drain and rinse tomorrow. Never could get the water totally out, still had about an inch of water in tank after draining. I don't know if that is normal or not. But anyhow, I purchased a socket genie to help with the lift and stabilizers, and I discovered the slotted drill attachment will raise and lower the tonge jack. Camper has been covered so I will also check the sealant around the roof. Well that's my story. I plan on being more present on the forum, so we'll see. I also made a reservation at pymatuning for September.
Thank you for working in healthcare! I am glad you are recovering. Have a safe trip!


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Jan 30, 2021
Trying to replace the ancient weather stripping that helps seal the roof to the walls when it's closed up, but can't get the self-adhesive foam strips to stick. May have to use a little glue of some sort.
Tried a hot glue gun. It should hold it enough for now and once I close it up and the weather strip adhesive has a chance to press against the metal it should stay up. I'm not sure if it really needs it. But I'm assuming it's supposed help keep the rain out when driving down the highway.


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Feb 18, 2015
Replaced the the hard vinyl hose for the out door shower with this. Much more flexible. Also 3D printed new tabs to hold the door in place at the bottom. The ones from the factory were not long enough and didn't engage the door frame.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Checked and re-set the max/min thermometer for the freezer, fridge and cabin. The fridge and freezer have been staying in a good range, the cabin showed "HH". Since I've seen it register 105*, I assume HH is a bit higher. Our daytime highs are coming down though, so it should be staying under that. Can't leave the windows open, since we're back to almost daily rains.
Ran a bunch of water through the toilet and sink, because it tends to evaporate.
Our next trip is in just under 2 weeks. Yesterday, we cancelled reservations at one KOA in favor of another. We've stayed at the new one in the past (it's actually where I broke my ankle two years ago) so we know what to expect, and will have full hook-ups for the 8 nights. I didn't realize when I made the reservations months ago for the other that it was just water and electric, which we could handle. I looked at recent reviews, and even taking them with a grain of salt, since I realize people are more apt to complain than praise, I saw a theme - lots and lots of mosquitoes, the pond being in mosquito-beeding stage apparently, flies near the pen where the pigs reside, and sheep and donkeys that may roam at will. ( knew they had a petting zoo thing, didn't expect free-ranging ones). The new destination is a bit less to travel, and we'll pretty much still be exploring the same region of Colorado, so we're just as happy to return to it. It's not extremely picturesque, but in a handy location for exploring.


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May 31, 2018
Getting ready for the last trip of the year next week at Delaware seashore state park. I haven't packed, planned anything. Work is a mess. So, it will be eating out half the time. All good.


Jun 17, 2022
Tried a hot glue gun. It should hold it enough for now and once I close it up and the weather strip adhesive has a chance to press against the metal it should stay up. I'm not sure if it really needs it. But I'm assuming it's supposed help keep the rain out when driving down the highway.
Might like to try using a product that has worked quite well for me. It is 3M black super weatherstrip and gasket adhesive . I found it on an automotive restoration web site called Hemmings. Works great!

Anthony Hitchings

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Mar 2, 2019
Oakland, California
well, a camper is nothing without a TV, and we upgraded from a 2008 Jeep Liberty (manual transmission) to a 2011 Libby with an automatic transmission. So on the new-to-us Libby this month I am installing a rear view camera (finishing it today), a Redarc Tow-Pro brake controller (finishing it today), and a suspension lift kit (needs a couple more days). At least the 7-pin wiring harness was original from the factory, and the receiver was OEM.

The camera is down at hitch-level for optimum use when coupling up the trailer. The camera mount is a pair of zip ties either end, with nut spacers behind the mounting arms.

In order to get the eRapta A43 rear view camera to operate only in reverse I had to tap into the left rear reversing lamp and run a wire to the front of the car, but since I aloso had to run the camera cable it was no great extra effort.

The brake controller included a "hunt for the OEM red wire" under the dash inside the cabin (no, its not a blue wire if you have true factory wiring). After repeated searches over a 3-day period, I finally found the red wire hiding behing a bulky electrical coupler, bundled up tight so as to be invisible, inside the cabin, right in front of the the firewall penetration for the main harness. I was assissted in this hunt by a Klein signal tracer - worth every penny. And by an old fashioned light-bulb-probe-type continuity tester,.

The small brake controller remote knob was installed down by the 4WD selector - easy location, but I did need to order a longer (4 ft) ethermet cable for use between the control module (hidden inside the dash) and the remote contol head.

The other project was adding an extra oulet (USB) on the dash and an extra USB and an extra 12V outlet on the rear seat-facing end of the center console.

BTW - the "knee knocker" panel on the front of the drivers dashboard dash rotates down and slides left for an easy complete removal, which made acccessing the dash so muc heasier than the bad old days.

All these projects were to get the 2011 Jeep (81k miles) in to the same functionality as the 2008 Jeep (187k miles).


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