Just need to bring this up about giving some space

Discussion in 'Campground Etiquette' started by charliec, Nov 23, 2013.

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    I think most campgrounds reserve the right to move you to another site if someone shows up with a bona fide need for the space, and there are other spaces available. At least this is true for reservations, not sure they'd actually make you physically move once you were on the site.
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    Or pick one of the other handicap spots on the campground or pick another campground. There are more options than can't go now but I understand what you're saying.

    This is one of my customers and I've asked him all those questions. He plans everything out well in advance. He feels that if that is a necessity for someone they should do the same.

    He's got a nice rig and they go shopping or sightseeing or wine tasting and aren't fans of hotels. Different style of camping.
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    In some of the CGs we use, the HC sites are open to anyone after a certain time of day, as FCFS. IIRC, they can be used for one night only.

    At one campground that we regularly visit, almost all the sites are now designated HC-accessible (at least on the reservation site, I don't remember what is on the site number posts themselves), but not HC-only. The only exceptions are a couple of sites that are on multiple levels with steps. That means that anyone can use the sites, though there is a reminder that pops up during the reservation process that you are about to reserve an accessible site. When the campground was updated a few years ago, part of that included making as many sites as possible more level, with better graveled parking spaces.
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    Remember, I mentioned that these guys had a placard for the car -- one of those signs (blue with a white wheelchair outline on it) that hangs from the rear view mirror. I think that someone in one of their families -- a wife, child, grandparent, etc., -- legitimately qualified for and received a handicapped placard and that these two were simply taking advantage of it on their trip.
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    Uhhh, CharlieC, how can I say this? Uhhh, your story lacks credibility? Yeah that will do it.
    So you tell us these guys find there way to "YOUR" spot in the middle of the wilderness; Okay. To me it sounds like these are experienced hunters who have camped here many times in the past, enough so that they could find it in the dark, and they used it in the past as a base to HUNT AWAY FROM.....AWAY FROM! A campsite that was far enough away so it didnt spook what they were hunting; to live and camp not to hunt from. lol
    It also sounds like they were probably Waterfowl hunters;
    No duck hunter or goose hunter would EVER camp in or out of a camp ground; for you see WE TRY TO HIDE FROM THE WATERFOWL; Geese have some of the sharpest eyes in the animal world. Successful waterfowl hunters go to great pains to hide, we even pick up empty brass off the ground due to a justified fear the "HONKERS" will see the sun glint off the brass on a fired shell. We paint our faces, wear special clothes to help us blend into our surroundings. WE DO NOT hunt by nice shiney cars and pickups, WE DO NOT hunt by other people who can be seen, WE DO NOT hunt close to other hunters even if it can at all possibly be prevented.
    Oh yeah I'm one of that group you refer to as "morons with shotguns"; and its clear yyour in the other camp lol.
    Yes I can see being upset because others may camp too close when your in a wilderness setting; most of us who camp in the boonies go to great pains to find solitude; but if I'm in the only great spot for miles, or close to a site with a special attraction and the only one for miles, I would grin and bear it and grin and share it.
    I'm afraid you made up that story for numerous selfish reasons and pet peeves that you knew others wouldnt agree with. Too bad it lacked credibility so much and your ulterior motives are so plain to see. Perhaps next time you will research what the villians in your story are doing so that you dont make so many glaring mistakes as you did in this fairy tale.
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    My opinion...you are taking this too personally! [2C] (I thought you were the mellow old-timer "about no rules"?)

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