Keeping curtain tabs from falling off plastic rail

Apr 22, 2009
We have a Rockwood pup. I don't know if different brands have different systems but on the Rockwood there are little plastic tabs on the curtains and they fit on a narrow rail. The problem is thiat the tabs come off often when the pup is lowered and raised. Has anyone found a clever solution to prevent this?l


Apr 4, 2010
Hi there,

I haven't had this problem with them falling off. Ours slide into a track type thing. Do you have a picture to show which type you're talking about?


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Jun 7, 2012
Northeast Pennsylvania
Are they popping off the rail in the middle, or are they sliding off the end of the rail? If the latter, there should be a screw in the end of the rail that prevents them from sliding off. If they are popping off, they may just be wearing out. I haven't seen this with mine either.


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Aug 14, 2008
Mine were sliding off of the end, as you described. You have a couple of options. Probably the best, if you don't mind a little careful drilling, is to drill a hole through the side of the track at each end and put a "nylon arrow clip" in the end. This is how some manufacturers did it themselves. They look like this:

Part # 90218A216 $6.39 per package found at

Another way, and I don't recommend this but saw someone who had and it worked, is to use some pliers to crush the end of the track so that the clips just bind up and won't slide off. Not the way I would do it but it's free.

You could use little alligator clips or the spring clips with the red rubber like those used on the Pop Up Gizmos, since it is likely to be hidden by your valance. Should work fine and not leave anything permanent behind.

You might also be able to use these guys, which usually go on the metal track for shower curtains and the like, but might work for you:

Found in the dropw-down at