Keeping eye on kids by using walkie-talkies.


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Mar 31, 2008
bcrewcaptain said:
you take your kid camping, why not just spend some time with that kid...hmmmmm

Dd is 10. She loves to go camping. She enjoys spending time with us, but she doesn't want to spend all day with us. She likes to get out and scout a bit. She likes to read her book. If there are other kids there and a playground, she loves to go to the playground and meet up with the other kids.

All that being said, if she were one of the kids with her walkie talkie emergency button getting more exercise than she was, we would have a talk with her.

We tried using them when she was younger and going to the park down the street from us. I would say maybe 1/2 a block away, but around a bend. The walkie talkies didn't work at all. A friend of ours lives over two blocks but up a hill, and they worked great for her daughter going to the same park.



Jan 2, 2007
There are two types of walkie talkies that we've considered through trial and error. One type requires that you purchase a license from the FCC. The other type does not require a license. These have a short range...perhaps 3 miles. This one has met our needs. If you need something with longer distance and want to avoid the FCC license, consider using your cellphone. You can check your service provider's coverage map and see if that would work for you. The other advice to pass along: not only make sure that your kids know how to use them, but also make sure that they understand they should wear them when not in use. When mine were younger, they would leave them somewhere where I'd have to send them back to go get it. After retracing their steps in the hot sun a couple of times, they learn fast to keep up with it. The advice by an earlier poster about finding a frequency that is not used is good advice.