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Jul 31, 2012
We have a 2003 Taos Coleman pop up. Our faucet is leaking and I can't find a place to order a new one. Can someone help?


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Aug 7, 2009
We have an '03 Westlake, our replacement was from Lowe's or Home Depot... can't remember which... but it was on sale. We measured the hole pattern on the sink and matched that. We have the swing over sink base so we were able to purchase a unit with a higher arched, moveable faucet. It was called a 'laundry tub faucet'. The old one was more like a bathroom faucet with a short spout that was stationary. It sure makes washing dishes and filling pitchers or cooking pans with water a lot easier! (Of course, anyone with a flip over sink base that is upside down in the stow position, this faucet would not work.)



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Oct 14, 2012
just rebuild it with new rubber and lines .. that should fix it .. good luck


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Mar 29, 2003
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If its the hand pump with a vertical stroke to pump the water, they trap a little bit of water. If you allow them to freeze even if you think they have been pumped dry the water will expand and crack it. You either need to take the pump out for the winter or pump some RV anti-freeze through it.

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