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    We took our pup to this KOA for a long weekend. What an amazing RV Resort. This truly is a resort in all senses of the term. It was a little over the top for our style of camping, but I can see where it would be great for folks who want the whole enchilada for a vacation.

    When you pull up to the entrance, they have designated lanes for RV's to pull in and a greeter to take down your vitals for you to check in. He gives you a slip of paper with the info on it and you present it to the cheerful people checking you in. They already have the info, so check in is a breeze. They give you a map of the park, tell you where all the important things are, give you your wrist bands for the free all you can eat pancake breakfast, and tell you of the concierge services, and if you are in a RV without a towd, they seem great. They will bring firewood, ice, or anything else they have in their store right to your site for you. All it takes if a phone call or text to the number they give you and it's done.

    As far as trash goes, they don't have trash cans or dumpsters. You take your trash and put it in a bag which you set at the front of your site. They have roving golf carts that picks your trash up for you from 8 AM til 9 PM.

    They have multiple bathrooms and showers throughout the park that are kept clean and stocked at all times. The shower rooms are fairly large and clean and are free. No feeding the shower with quarters or tokens.

    They keep the campers with children separate from those without, as well as those with pets. They have an amazing kids play area with all sorts of things for them to wear themselves out on. Some of the things in the play area I have never seen before. The most amazing is the huge bouncy pillow contraption. I really can't explain it any better than that. Next to the play area they have a sort of "chow hall" restaurant. That is where they serve the free breakfast. It is also a restaurant that serves other breakfasts and lunches for what looked like a reasonable price. We didn't sue this service, so we can't vouch for the quality or how reasonable the prices really are. They also have bike rentals available by the play area. Again, not sure of the prices as we didn't use the service.

    They have two pools in the park, one of them being a really large indoor heated pool. Also a hot tub. On the back deck of the indoor pool they have a "life size" statue of Bigfoot that many used for their once in a lifetime photo op with the big guy. It is a very impressive work of art really.

    For dogs they have a fenced in off leash area with an agility course. They also have a leash requirement for dogs which they appear to enforce since I saw no dogs running lose.

    I'm sure there are things that I'm missing in this review, but it is well worth a visit. The price is a little steep for our tastes, $150 for two nights, but considering what they have available is probably not out of line. Would I stay again, probably not, and that is totally due to the cost, and nothing to do with the facility.

    Oh yeah, the store. They have probably anything you really need at their store. The prices are resort level prices for everything though. Ice is $3 a bag and the wood is $6 for a small bundle. Soda is $6 a six pack and beer is around the $12 a six pack. If it is not an emergency, one is better off going to Fred Meyer's or Costco which is just a couple of miles away.

    All in all it is a nice resort, but like I said, pricey.

    Here is a link to the photos of the campgrounds

    And here is a photo of the Bigfoot statue, but it is about 7 or 8 feet tall


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