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Discussion in 'Minnesota' started by TDS-MN, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Hey All,

    We were able to get away (barely away) with the pup this past weekend. Had made plans to meet up with some old friends at the KOA campground in Maple Grove. Was a short drive for both parties, was part of our reason for choosing this location, and was our first time camping with the other family. Neither of us had been to this park before, although we were familiar with it, having driven past over the years.

    Arrival and first interaction with the staff was good. Were given an escort to our site, which was helpful as the sites were not very well marked or defined in all areas. Escort pointed us right in, and was pleasant. Nice level and solid parking pad. The sites were fairly small and close together overall, but we weren't really expecting secluded camping. In our instance, we got a little lucky and did not have any other groups adjacent to us, and we were able to spill out beyond what our 2 sites were maybe 'designed' to be.

    On-site hookups seemed good. We only used the electric, but water was also provided at each connection. Fire rinig and picnic table were the standard accessories for the sites. Some sites also provided a separate pole-mounted cook grill, but our only had the pole.

    The store/office and restroom building were both clean. We were somewhat surprised that the restrooms there were the ONLY ones in the entire park. I suppose many of the permanent and larger RV"s utilize their own plumbing, but for campers that needed a restroom, some had a long walk to get there. Trash needed to be hauled to the same area, aside from a couple small cans available at the kid's playground, etc. IMO, additional facilities deeper into the park would have been nice.

    The park offered a few outdoor games, as well as swimming pool (cold) and small game arcade.

    Roads thru the park were in good shape, which was appreciated given how much rainfall and flooding there has been locally. Sites were not so much grassy as weedy, but few we noticed were uninviting.

    There are a LOT of big rigs at this location. Not very many popups, but a fair amount of tent campers deeper into the park. The on-site store has all of the essentials that maybe didn't get packed, but location is mere minutes from Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, etc. All in all, it felt much more removed from the suburban area that the park is really located within, and not a bad stay. Campers seemed aware of others and noise was minimal.
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    My family and I have stayed at this KOA a few times over the past few years and we like it. Like you, it isn't far from us and it's kind of like a warm up trip for the longer ones we take later in the year. Your review of the place is spot on. It's good but not great. The staff and other campers seem to be pleasant. Although, this past year, we had some teens in a tent set up right on top of our site. They were kinda loud and started smoking weed which made things kind of awkward! But that instance aside, it is a nice and relatively quiet place to camp. Thanks for your review!

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