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Discussion in 'Kentucky' started by chippers, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Jun 17, 2011
    Stayed here this last weekend 7/15-7/17. We were in the area for a family reunion nearby, so I didn't get to see or do as much at the park as I'd like. Overall I'd grade the park A- and the campground a C+.

    The lake is beautiful! Made me want to go back next year and rent a houseboat. There are neat little historical areas in the park. Fishing, beaches, recreational boating and hiking.

    The campground was sold out and they really pack them in tight there! It was crowded. The bathrooms/showers were clean and well stocked on Friday, but were not cleaned or restocked at all over the weekend. By Sunday they were getting pretty gross. And it was BYO TP.

    No noticable unruliness, and quiet hours were suprisingly quiet, considering how many people were there.

    Lots to do there to keep the kids busy. Beach, Boat watching, Sand Volley ball, basketball, good biking roads, organized activities, hiking trails, playgrounds.

    When we arrived Friday at dinner time the folks on the lot to our left had already been there a couple days and spread out onto our property! Had claimed both picnic tables - moved them both under their screened in room, and had moved the shared fire pit to the other side of their lot. So rude. And they were no where to be found.

    When they finally returned we got the table back. Found out they were leaving the next morning and spending the evening at another lot. So we didn't make them move their tents (3 of them on 1 lot, plus the screen room -when the park rules say 1 adult and 1 child tent is the limit). DH is much nicer than I am! I wanted to call the authorities [;)]

    So I was a little crabby at first over that situation, but some 'smores and a beer helped my nerves. And after they left on Saturday it was a lot better.

    Overall, I'd go back, but only when it's not so crowded.
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    Apr 3, 2011
    Green River Lake is a fantastic fishing lake too. Muskie fishing is the king. Both casting and trolling are effective and there are some catches that are huge fish there. Nice area but have never camped there. Maybe in the future.
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    Springfield Kentucky
    I have stayed there but i go in early spring or late fall that way its not crowded and as for the bathrooms i would have gone up the store and ask for the cg manger they are clean and check the bathrooms daily i know this because i work for the state at one of the state parks here in Ky in July the lake is cold and there is a small beach with lifeguards.
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    Aug 9, 2011
    We've been to Green River State park campground twice before we got the popup camping in a tent. Both visits were on Father's Day and it was HOT. To go in the summer time is to be in the middle of a party. As mentioned things settle down pretty good at quiet time, except for late night corn hole bags thumping on the boards, but we found it to be a party atmosphere. If you have a boat it is a great campground as you can tie it up on the bank and have walk down access to it. I would agree with your rating of a C+.
    I understand there is a Corps campground on the other side of the lake that provides more privacy and a more relaxed atmosphere but we haven't been there. It does not provide easy boat access.

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