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    May 17, 2007
    Located in Saint Joseph, LA.

    The park was WONDERFUL!

    The playgrounds were in really great shape.

    We had a site right on the water.

    There were boat docks right beside the campsites for those who travel with boats ... easier to leave the boat in the water right beside you, than have to launch over and over again.

    The state park did have a beach, although not a great one. It was nice enough for my five-year-old to want to go back again and again.

    The newer shower facilities are great! Air conditioned, and very clean. The showers are well lit and have ample room for my ample bottom.

    The park is very secure, the gate is locked at night. And we actually SAW the security truck patroling throughout the night (we had never seen that at any other park before.)

    The sites were very clean and well maintained. The park provided wood crates and small logs for your campfire.

    The many trees allowed for full shade even in the heat of the day.

    They do have a laundry facility, but I did not go in and check it out.

    We plan to make several trips back to Lake Bruin.

    Our only suggestion: Check and double check that you didn't forget anything. The nearest gas station closes at 10pm, and it is a 30 minute ride to the next one ... which is not a place you want to visit at 10pm. :eek:)

    Pictures are on my webshots site.

    DH - 27 -- Brett
    DW - 27 -- Sabrina
    DS - 4 -- John-Garrett
    2 GSDs -- Sadie and Jake
    1999 Jayco Eagle Qwest 10

    Times camped in 2007:
    6/2/07-6/3/07 Kisatchie National Forest, Boyce, LA Lake Kincaid --- GREAT PLACE!

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