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Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by martinfam, Apr 16, 2007.

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    This was our first time in several years to go back to Lake Fausse. We had much misfortune that kept us from going camping again.
    I had the bright idea to take a shortcut from Baldwin and Charenton to get to the park on the levee road that shaved five miles from having to go through New Iberia and Loreauville. We had been told that the road had been paved, but it wasn't paved all the way south to Charenton; only south to the park entrance. That left a few miles of dirt and gravel to conquer, and after a hard rain, made everything terribly filthy. My wife was driving the Sedona with everyone else in it and lost control landing in the ditch. Everyone was okay and the van had no damage. She did good; it could've been worse. It took several hours to get all the mud and gravel out from under the van and camper after we got home.
    Lake Fausse State Park is a great park and gets plenty of traffic even though it's out in the boonies. No cell phone service! You have to drive 8 miles back up the road to the grocery store to get at least 3 bars. Oh yeah, the park no longer has an onsite store and as I was told, hasn't had one for a few years.
    There are flat-boat(jo-boat), canoe, and kayak rentals for the boaters; three different nature trails, and a water park for the children. No dirt bikes or 4-wheelers are allowed.
    If you go take Darnell Road from Highway 90 all the way in to Highway 86 and follow the signs to the park. It may be accessed from I-10 at Henderson, LA to the north. Just don't go through Baldwin and Charenton like I did, you'll be sorry.

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    Thanks for the review martinfam. The DW and I have been wanting to try Fausse.

    Have you been there or heard what kind of shape it's in since the recent storms?

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    I had scheduled Spring Break there, but cancelled. I read a review on that it suffered alot of damage from Hurricane Gustav. I e-mailed the author of the post and he said lots of trees were down and blocking trails.

    Instead we are going to Arkansas Cane Creek SP...

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    I did a drive-through of this campground this weekend to see if it would be a place we would like to camp. I found that the RV spots are very close together. From all of the rain we had this past week the water was high and went right up to the RV pads. So it was like a bunch of RV spots sitting in a marsh. I can't imagine camping there. My family and I like campgrounds where the spots are spread out with a bit of woods between, not an RV parking lot. So this campground is not for us.

    Also, we decided to check out the levee road heading south of the campground towards Charenton (because we needed to head south on 90 anyway). It is about a 12 mile ride on gravel/dirt road. I can see where it would be a problem if it has just rained. Luckily for us it was dry when we went over it. One of the interesting things about it, however, were the bee colonies every quarter mile or so. We thought that was neat to see.

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