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    Located in Boyce, La.

    Part of the Kisatchie National Forest.

    We have camped here twice ... once as a second honeymoon and once with our 5-year-old.

    The bath room facilities were adequate ... there are two camping loops. On the more primitive side, the bathrooms were not airconditioned, and were pretty dirty. On the "kids" side, the bathrooms were very nice and airconditioned.

    The "kids" side also had a nice playground area. Slide, swings, rock climbing wall, etc. The playground area was very well lit for nite-time.

    The sites were shaded and large. They did not have a stand up BBQ pit, but there was PLENTY of room to set up one.

    Our second campsite ... on the kids side ... was a two-level site that I didn't think I would like at first ... but turned out to be really great. It made for much more room.

    Lake Kincaid features a really large beach area. The best part about it were the "sea shells" we found. We had a grand old time digging for shells on the beach. The beach is not within walking distance from the sites ... well, I guess you COULD walk, but it would be a hike.

    We will be visiting this one again!

    Pictures on our site!

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