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Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by Indy, Dec 29, 2014.

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    We spent the last couple nights at Sam Houston Jones State Park, and I didn't see a review so I thought I'd add one.

    This was our first stay at a Louisiana State Park. I'm not sure if it is just one of the less developed parks or if this is typical, but it was a world of difference from what I'm used to at a Texas State Park. There was apparently only 1 or 2 staff working the front gate. Reservations and check-in went smoothly. There isn't really a camp store - we collect patches from state parks in Texas, but there was nothing like that here. They don't sell firewood either, but you can gather what you find. (That is never the case in Texas.) There was no ranger patroling (wasn't an issue for us). Bathrooms were ok but could use some attention - I've definitely seen worse, though. There is on-site laundry which is a feature you don't get in Texas, so that is a bonus. (It's great to be able to wash sheets/bedding on site rather than pack it up and take it in the house.) The roads through the campground are not that developed, especially where we stayed. It was rainy toward the end, so mud and holes made for a yucky road. There were also no ranger programs. We hiked a little bit on one of the trails, but there were signs posted to beware of an aggressive alligator nesting near the water somewhere. And there was only one dumpster in use near the cabins.

    It's not too far into town if you need to grocery shop or pick up something. Or, you know, check out a casino. Haha.

    The campsites are VERY close together. Hope you like your neighbors, because you'll be rubbing elbows. (Tent sites even more so!) Whoever built this park foolishly put double power and water connections at every OTHER site, so the site we booked happened to have the connections on the WRONG side of the camper. We had to run the power under the camper, over the picnic table bench, and it BARELY reached to plug in - making a trip hazard. Ridiculous. The site next to ours was reserved but the folks never showed - I wish we could've been in that site for better access to the electric.

    Speaking of the sites, they are petty tiny. Our pop-up is 19.5 feet from hitch to bumper, closed. We had to back up to the very back of the site and extend the back bunk over the edge carefully lodged between trees. Then with the front bunk opened, we were able to pull our Jeep in diagonally with the front end sliding just under the bunk to the side of the hitch. Without careful placement, we would've been hanging out in the road, which was narrow and one-way. Some of the sites were much smaller than ours.

    We were the only pop-up in the campground, and none of the tent sites were booked. (It was late December, but up to 70 degrees.) All other campers were in motorhomes and 5th wheels. Everyone was nice and friendly. It was a peaceful campout and a quiet campground. It seems everybody went down with the sun. No complaints there.

    It's not bad for a campground in the swamp. I think the swamps and moss can actually be quite pretty. They have a nice wooden path out over the swamp and what appears to be an amphitheater platform right in the middle of it. It would be a great place to host ranger programs. Maybe they do that in the summer, but it was 70 degrees and 98% humidity in late December so I won't be there to find out. [;)]

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