Lafayette Place Campground - Franconia Notch, NH


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Apr 30, 2017
Rhode Island, USA
We stayed for two nights, arriving at about noon. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Our site, 75 was very spacious, about 50 feet from the water tap, and one site from the Lonesome Lake trail. There was a bit of vehicle noise from the Parkway, especially from the big rigs at night using their engine brakes. The bathrooms and showers were clean and well maintained, and there was a dish washing sink not far from our site. The staff let us know we could dump our gray water tank from our sink there, which made it very convenient instead of toting it to the Mobil station in Lincoln. It was a little busy, with most sites occupied. Nobody disturbed us at all the entire time.

I was worried about the size of the camper as the reservation system listed a 19' maximum
vehicle length. I'd imagine this would be for a TT, because even my 12' box Westlake, opening to 25'-9" had no problem fitting at all.

There is so, so much to do around Franconia Notch. We hiked two trails each day and visited Flume Gorge. We'll definitely be going back.



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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
Brings back the memories. A few years ago I went to Franconia Notch. It was such a fun place and lots of great hiking trails in the area. I did the auto tour up the white mountains and another day went to loon Mountain and of course hiked the gorge. At the time the only campground that wasn't booked was a small private campground near loon Mountain. It was an OK place, but the first campground I've been to that had HOT showers. Perfect way to relax after a long hike. I definitely would love to visit the area again and hopefully have better weather as it ended up raining nearly my whole trip. Did get to experience what bad weather is like on the mountain, it could litterly blow you over.


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Oct 15, 2011
DE and NH
Beautiful area. These days I spend more time on the NH lakes than in the mountains, but still try to hike once or twice a year. I now live in DE but still have a home a half hour or so south of Franconia Notch, on the northern edge of the Lakes Region. I've been all over the country and numerous parts of the world and still feel the mountains and lakes of NH is my favorite place in the world. But I think we're all a tad sentimental about the areas where we grew up. ;)