Lake Arbuckle Campground - Frostproof, FL

Discussion in 'Florida' started by campermom, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Feb 28, 2013
    Well my son and I went on a campground scout today. We did not camp at this location but thought it might be helpful to share this information. This campground is small and ran by Polk County the address is at 2600 Lake Arbuckle Rd Frostproof, FL, easy to find and in a remote location, dirt road access and quite bumpy but not terrible. There were no campers there. Very remote and no hookups (that I saw) right near a wildlife management area. There was no bathhouse just a portapottie. If you are looking for an extremely remote place to camp and from the signs posted you can hunt there as well in the forest (I assume). The sites were first come first serve and the rate was only $10.00. There were fire rings at each site. I think I saw picnic tables but can not be 100% on that. It was a very pretty camp. I would camp here with a group of friends. I am sure the stars are beautiful at night as you are surrounded by forest and cattle ranches.
    This is just my [2C] and I am always looking for reviews so I figured I would share.

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    Never heard of Frostproof, Thanks for sharing [8D]

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