lake campground - good for swimming and kayaking early June NorCal?

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    Have you ever been to Collins Lake or Lake of the springs? Both are filled with hill run off not snow like little grass Valley so a little warmer. The boating you mentioned I like Lake of the springs better swimming is great in both.. hiking Lake if the springs has a trail we love right by the boat dock keep following it till you get to dog beach. So pretty. Collins is really busy, vault toilets, $2 for a few minutes shower, boat rentals start at $22 I think. While Lake of the springs has larger camping spots, free showers and all flushing toilets. Boat rentals start at $6. Both are about 1.5 hours from sac or less..
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    Lake of The Springs is a Thousand Trails / ELS campground (used to belong). A great campground for kids with a pool and miniature golf (free) and some daily activities (a few bucks each) on the weekends. Great lake but you have to buy a fishing tag that allows you to take 2 fish. Non-members camping nights are a bit pricey, though. IIRC, about $45 plus per person charges now. Google it. They have a LOT of camp sites but it does fill up for the 4th of July.

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