Lake Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park


Oct 2, 2015
Lakeland, FL
Went to Lake Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park Saturday until Thursday. Site 001. Be prepared if you go to this campground and pack food, etc. before you go - as the closest store is about 23 miles away (Sweat Peas Groceries). Once you get to the park - its over 4 miles on a dirt (crushed shell/sand) road to the loop. The "Family" loop is first, then you would pass the office, then the equestrian loop. On our way there, we received a call from the park with our gate code (as the office was closing at 2, although check in is 3). Road into park is "rough" - not from potholes, but from the treads of the grading machine. Lots of deer, cows and birds visible on the drive in. Plenty of dragonflies and butterflies as well. Spots are not only spaced very well, but very shaded and trees between most spots. Very level, bubble was perfectly centered side to side when we backed in. Pads are packed crushed shell/sand as well. Water pressure was good, electricity was stable. Cell reception was hit and miss, much better on Saturday and Sunday than later in the week. Monday was exceptionally bad for some reason. This is a dark skies campground, and they aren't kidding!! We have never stayed in a campground that was as dark and as quiet at night as this one. It was incredible. Sunrises come up over the prairie and are incredible. Wild turkeys wander about and are friendly. Deer will also wander past, little fear of the humans. Plenty of birds to watch (including the endangered Caracara!) There was a nice breeze every day as well. Nights were cool (yes - getting to be that time of the year!) with one morning hitting 59! Coffee in the mornings watching the sun rise and listening to the crows was just incredibly peaceful. Bathhouse was clean with a washer, drier and large sink between the male/female sides. As a note - while we were there the bathhouse in the family loop and the only dump station got shutdown (noticed the showers were draining very slow). We were able to use the bathhouse at the other loop, which was much smaller. 20+ mile ride each way to the nearest truck stop that would have a dump area (We didn't go but that's what we were told). BTW - saw lots of tents - far more than we have seen at any other state park in FL, surprising since there are very few campsites. This will be a multi-visit park - given the distance we will want to go for a week or so at a time, but it's worth it. Highly recommended.


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Aug 13, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pa
Is lake Kissimmee SP and prairie reserve. Two different locations. Or the same ? When I was visiting my daughter last year who lives just outside Lake whales Florida, I scouted out lake Kissimmee. State park

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