Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Discussion in 'Texas' started by Kbooth, Mar 18, 2019.

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    This reservation was made on the "NEW" Texas parks and wildlife site after we prematurely canceled another reservation that we had for Spring Break. We were in the park from Monday night, thru Thursday. This park has just about everything to do. We were fully loaded, with canoe, Mountain bikes, hiking boots, and of course our PUP. This park was a class act. the spillway was a little nerve racking, after the rains, but the Park rangers assured us that there was an emergency way out of the park if needed.
    On Tuesday, My 9 year old and I paddled up the Lake to the "creek" area. this was a fun paddle, but since the storms were coming, and the wind was picking up, we cut the paddle a little short. the wind was in full force the rest of our trip, so we didn't get an opportunity to do any more paddling.

    Paddling worked up a lunch, and the wife and the Baby had lunch ready for me and the older boy when we got back. after lunch, we decided to venture off on some Mountain biking. Now, this is my warning for you, if your are a serious Mountain biker, you will surely find these trails plenty technical, if you are a 40 something dad with a 9 year old, these trails are probably a little over your head like they were for me and my son. we ended up walking the bikes more than riding them. but never fear, even though the park was fully booked, there were plenty of safe roads to ride bikes on. We would have been better off Just hiking the lakeside trail. the cross roads trials, that go back to the primitive camping area were closed due to the rains as well as the repelling and rock climbing, so I have no report on those.

    Penitentiary Hollow, is a mus see if you go to this park! While this is advertised as the rock climbing area, there is a very cool hiking trail that has handrails, and man made steps to get you up and down. Totally a photo opportunity not to be missed.

    If you are into Geo-Caching, there are two in the park, and one at the entrance to the park. we did all three, and they were relatively easy, and very fun to do as a family (even the 1 year old got to make the hike).

    Wed night the Rangers hosted a stargazing event. The Ranger that did the instruction, I believe, did an excellent job. He was informative, but did not lose the kids. If you are a hard core astronomer, this would not have been for you, but the overall crowd really enjoyed it.

    Over all, I would put this park on our to go back to list.
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    Sounds like a great trip, that is what camping is all about.
    Good Luck and keep on camping
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    Glad to hear it was a successful trip!

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