Lake Rosalee Campground - Lake Wales, FL

Discussion in 'Florida' started by campermom, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Feb 28, 2013
    Well my son and I went on a campground scout today. We did not camp at this location but thought it might be helpful to share this information. This campground is small and ran by Polk County the address is on Rosalie Lake Rd in Lake Wales Florida, easy to find and in a remote location. There was only one camper there and I think this might have been a host. Was not sure how you would check in no ranger or honor box (guess if you call and they would explain). There was a HUGE lake with a dock and a public boat ramp, both were very nice. I did not go into the bathroom but my son did. He said they were dark and a bit creepy and needed some repairs. There was electric and water at the sites but no fire rings. The price is right at $7.50 for Polk County residents and $14.00 for out of county residents.
    This looks like a good place to camp if you want to boat or canoe or kayak. It was a bit too empty for me as I am a believer in safety in numbers so I would need more then just the kids and I to go here.
    This is just my [2C] and I am always looking for reviews so I figured I would share.


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