Lake Rudoph Campground, Holiday World Theme Park

Discussion in 'Indiana' started by Milktrk, Jul 8, 2015.

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    Apr 17, 2014
    So we decided to spend a few days at Lake Rudolph and experience Holiday World. Unfortunately the weather had not been cooperative for most of the trip- too much rain, thankfully there were enough activities at the GC to keep the kids entertained.
    The sites varied in their levelness as the concrete pads were very level but the gravel sites you had to position the camper just right to prevent sliding into the campsite downhill from us. There were campers of all sorts there and you need to get a golf cart just to get to all the amenities at the park. The pool was huge and busy all weekend especially with it being the 4th of July, and that was when the weather finally cooperated that we could enjoy the other local activities.
    The kids loved the playground equipment, free mini golf, and the boys lived on the basketball court.
    We were closer to Holiday World and we could hear the rides/riders all day from 9-9. We had fun with it and the kids started howling with the ride through out the day.
    There were a few incidents with golf carts- not so much the carts hitting people walking but carts vs cars. If the driver of the cart was not paying attention and there was someone looking/not being escorted to their site it got frustrating when they looked at you like you needed to get out of their way! Also on the 4th someone in a SUV got impatient with the cart in front of them ignored the speed limit of 12mph and swerved around the cart into oncoming traffic, swerved to miss that cart, overcorrected and went into a very large ditch missing several trees on the way down. Luckily no one was hurt except the SUV which lost its Right Front wheel and had to be pulled out by a wrecker.
    The staff was great and for being a busy park on a busy holiday weekend it was tolerable and somewhat relaxing.
    Holiday World was great for the whole family, we just ran out of time to do all the rides since it took anywhere from 30-60+ minutes of waiting in line for each ride. It astonished me that no one was complaining, on electronic devices, and everyone was patient and the park was immaculate. Cant wait to go back and finish exploring all the rides. The DW cant wait to go back and do more holiday shopping at the shops in Santa Claus.
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    We plan on going there this weekend for the holiday! This will be our 3rd adventure there and never have had a problem. We are season pass holders for the park and also find that during the week is the best time to go.
    As far as there campgrounds, I can say they do a great job of cleanup and keeping everything clean. Please remember I am Hilton guy converting, so I can be the first to attest when something is out of place or disgusting.

    On our second outing it rained very hard and the camper and campers survived (the firewood did not). It is suppose to rain again this weekend, so we are preparing with extra towels, etc.

    The golf cart (you have to rent) seems the way to go here. There was a Golf cart parade on certain days and some that decorated went way overboard. We joined the parade with some glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces and had no issues.

    We have had both concrete and gravel and of course concrete is neater, but also more in price. There have fire pits and tables for all the sites. They also have rental cabins and RV's that can be rented.

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