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Discussion in 'Campsite Electronics' started by Sneezer, Oct 26, 2018.

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    We happened to be at our local Barnes and Noble this week and I noticed they had a couple tables set up with clearance merchandise that was all 75% off. Mostly junky toys and stuff that I wouldn't be interested in, but they did have two of these radios sitting there. I thought that was odd - I didn't recall B&N selling such things, but apparently they did, at least at one time.

    Since they rung up at $37 I couldn't pass them up. One will go to my son for xmas this year, and the other will do double duty as a table top at home or my office, and will travel on camping trips as well.

    For those who are not familiar, this radio has a great AM/FM tuner section - it has an uncanny ability to pull in stations when others fail, and has a pretty good sound section for being a mono speaker. Having been designed by the father of modern hi-fi, Henry Kloss, is a bonus.

    It also has the added benefit of a 12V input in addition to the 110v mains line. It takes a standard 5.5 x 21 plug that most of my other 12V electronics use, so I can easily run it off the 12V line in the camper. Pulls a max of 800ma according to the specs, although I have not yet tested it.

    Plugged it in yesterday and I was quite impressed with the sound and reception, and I love the overall simplicity of the radio - nice big analog tuning dial, small power/band selector switch and a volume knob.

    Total fluke find, but very happy.
  2. xxxapache

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    Jul 30, 2008
    Good find. I have always wanted to try one.
  3. nineoaks2004

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    Oct 15, 2006
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    Congrats it Sounds like you hit the jackpot

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