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    I know quite a few of our Portal members tend to avoid KOAs, but this review is mostly for a "heads-up" if someone is considering a stay at the KOA located in the Avi Resort in Laughlin.

    It's a decent KOA - well maintained and the staff is friendly. The problem is, the Avi Resort has imposed some different rules than we would normally expect from a KOA. This KOA does not have Kabins and does not allow tent camping. The rules are that all RVs staying there must be "self-contained," which most of our P'ups probably are not, in the sense that they are defining the term. Our Coleman has a cassette toilet, with its own small blackwater tank, but we do not have a gray-water holding tank. The sites had the drain receptacles in the ground, but the resort still insists on the holding tanks.

    The manager allowed us to stay anyway, since we had made our reservation on the KOA site, and so far, despite her requests, KOA has not added the different rules for this location indicating what types of RVs are allowed.

    If you're looking to stay in the Laughlin area, you should look into a different park, unless your P'up meets their requirements. If in doubt, call first before making the reservation. While the manager bent the rules for us, it's difficult to say whether the resort owners will allow her to do this in the future.

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