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    Cross posting this from my my thread on my restoration project. @ Mods, i hope this is ok.

    So this evening i decided to tackle something i considered to be quick and simple.

    The City Water valve on the outside had no cover and the threads on the connection were stripped. I purchased a replacement at ColemanPopUpParts.com. Install consisted of removing 3 self tapping screws and unscrewing the old valve. Connection was loose and came off easily, hard to imagine it could ever have been water tight.

    I wrapped some thread sealant "plumbers tape" around the new connection and installed. Hooked up my garden hose (with pressure regulator installed) and turned it on.

    First issue was the water started flowing out of a valve at the bottom of the trailer, i assume this is for draining the system. There are two, for hot and cold supply. I closed up the values and water flowed to the faucet in the sink. No issues, and no leaks on my newly installed fill port.

    Disaster soon followed when i spotted water flowing across the floor of the trailer. After mopping up with 2 - 3 towels i found two issues.

    1. Water was leaking out of the drain at the bottom of the sink
    2. Water was leaking out of the supply lines to the faucets, specifically where the lines are joined to the PEX plumbing.

    For the sink drain it as leaking both at the connection to the sink and connection into the flexible drain pipe.

    After mopping up and removing the abs connection i found it to be cracked. Also looked like someone attempted to seal this with silicon caulkingin the past.

    Next step here is to replace the ABS connector however i had to wonder if a rigid 90 degree connection is the way to go here. Is the this original setup? Any suggestions?

    On the leaking supply lines, the leaks were occurring where the supply lines screw onto the brass fittings on the end of the PEX. I think here i will eliminate the screw on connection and run a pex line right up the the faucets but would also be interested in hearing anyone else experience here.

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    The sink drain is the original, and are trouble free. From the looks of yours it appears to have the flange broken off.
    The water supply lines are an easy fix, ,,replace the grommets

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